The Search for the Beyond

by Makai Kim

What does your heart desire, oh humanity?

What do you seek to find?

What is this desire that drives you to insanity?

What is this that consumes your minds, oh humankind?

There is a void in your core,

An emptiness that you need to fill.

There is a yearning in you for more,

A yearning for which your heart cannot be still—

As it searches for the Beyond.

We long to be happy,

Yet our happiness is turned to sorrow.

Our hearts long for love,

Yet they are let down by the morrow. 

We wish peace upon each other;

But for our own selves, we cannot find peace.

How this longing draws one after another

To a place where gloom will ever increase—

Until at last we reach the Beyond!

It has been said, “Seek and you shall find.”

I search after truth, but it hides from me.

Deeper truths I seek to unbind

And to unravel every revelatory decree.

Oh, that I might fulfil this desire of mine,

This desire that drives me to madness!

Peace of heart I hoped to find in the divine

So that my heart would not die of sadness—

In this search for the Beyond!

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