The Battle Must Be Won

by Makai Kim

This is a poem that I wrote while I was in high school. Only a few slight changes have been made.


The cannons fire, the drums sound,
The troops march along the muddy ground;
The thunder claps, the winds blow,
Onward comes the threatening foe.
The battle has just begun.

The rain is pouring, the sun has set,
The feuding sides have met;
The muskets fire, the swords clash,
The lightening makes a mighty flash.
The battle must be won!

The enemy is unbroken, victory is uncertain,
The battle rages under the cloudy curtain;
The heaven is moonless, the sky is starless,
The battle seems almost hopeless.
But the battle must be won!


Alas! The enemy surrounds the front and rear,
The men’s hearts are full of fear;
Hope continues to fade as do those who remain:
Too many men have been slain.
But the battle must be won!

Lo! The crimson dawn with glory draws nigh
To pierce the clouds which darken the sky;
And the cavalry will come with the morning light:
The cry for help has been sent with speedy flight.
For the battle must be won!

Behold! The messenger runs swiftly through the night,
To fetch for aid in the fight;
But then he is spotted by an enemy musketeer
As he runs frantically around the flank and rear.
Yet, the battle might still be won.


Suddenly, atop a hill a hero stands,
With a striped flag in one of his hands,
And in the other, a pistol: there is hope still,
As long as they have the will.
The battle might yet be won.

Courageously, the hero fires his gun,
To create a diversion so that the messenger can run.
Then he drops his pistol, pulls out his sword,
And continues to fight the giant horde.
For the battle must be won!

Daringly, the messenger runs past the enemy line,
To give his brothers hope of tasting victory wine;
For the hero on the hill has distracted well,
Giving them a chance to hear freedom’s bell.
There is a chance that the battle will be won.


Then the hero, not immortal, is shot in his left leg;
But for mercy he did not beg.
He seemingly guided by a hidden hand
Continues to fight for the freedom of his land.
With dying breath, he shouts, “The battle must be won!”

The hero stabs the spangled banner into the ground,
While lying on his side; then he hears a gun sound.
The hero has been shot in his chest
Before tumbling down the hill, but he does not rest.
He lies, praying that the battle will be won.

At last! The sun rises, the cavalry is here,
The enemy trembles in fear;
Their foe has been broken, victory is now certain
As light pierces the cloudy curtain.
The battle will be won!


The rain has stopped, the night has gone,
They have fought until dawn.
Their enemy they have defeated;
To the ocean their foe has retreated.
The battle has been won!

Now as for the messenger who memorably made
A run to the cavalry brigade,
He is given a medal for his well-known deed,
Which he accomplished without a steed.
It is said that because of him, the battle was won.

And as for the hero who atop a hill bravely battled
And whose courage was not rattled,
Buried underneath a stone, he does rest;
Though not well remembered, he fought his best.
It was because of him that the battle was won.

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