The Battle Must Be Won

by Makai Kim This is a poem that I wrote while I was in high school. Only a few slight changes have been made. I The cannons fire, the drums sound,The troops march along the muddy ground;The thunder claps, the winds blow,Onward comes the threatening foe.The battle has just begun. The rain is pouring, theContinue reading “The Battle Must Be Won”

A Witch

by Makai Kim Witch! Witch! Witch! The children cry, Dancing in circles, hand in hand. Witch! Witch! Witch! Let us see you fly! Hey, look, a witch! Hey, look, a witch! Screech for us in your witchly pitch! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! The children surround me with their stones! Witch! Witch! Witch! TheContinue reading “A Witch”


by Makai Kim I walk the broken path winding round woodland rows of trees. I come upon a gathering of folk dressed in colorful leaves, Dancing in perfect circles round the fire. Embers ascend in a smoky pyre, While trees sway in fixed places, Above the merriment of the bark-painted faces. From where I stand,Continue reading “WOODLAND RITUAL”

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