Can We Use Reason to Understand God?

Many times in conversations with Christians, I have heard the claim that God cannot be understood using reason. Some Christians will bring up the doctrine of the Trinity as an objection to using reason to understand God, seemingly admitting that the doctrine is not rational. The reason usually given is that God is beyond reasonContinue reading “Can We Use Reason to Understand God?”

A Critical Analysis of the Hypostatic Union

In this post, I will offer a critique of the traditional Christian doctrine of the hypostatic union of Christ’s person. This doctrine asserts that Christ was both truly God and truly man. The orthodox position on the relation of the two natures in Christ has historically been that Christ was not two persons but ratherContinue reading “A Critical Analysis of the Hypostatic Union”

The Independence and Oneness of God

In discussing the oneness of God, two particular doctrines often come into mind: divine simplicity and divine aseity. These are closely related, and the same arguments may be used to establish both. In this post, I wish to first present arguments for the simplicity and aseity of God; then I will discuss the implications ofContinue reading “The Independence and Oneness of God”