Can We Use Reason to Understand God?

Many times in conversations with Christians, I have heard the claim that God cannot be understood using reason. Some Christians will bring up the doctrine of the Trinity as an objection to using reason to understand God, seemingly admitting that the doctrine is not rational. The reason usually given is that God is beyond reasonContinue reading “Can We Use Reason to Understand God?”

Free Will, Love, Justice, and Reason

In my last podcast episode and blog post, I talked about Calvinist and Lutheran views of divine determinism. In this post, I will be focusing on the other side of the determinism vs. free will debate. I will be discussing libertarian free will as it relates to love, justice, and reason. What my goal isContinue reading “Free Will, Love, Justice, and Reason”

On Free Will, Part 3: Reason

We now come to the last part, most likely the last part, of this blog series. I have already discussed the importance of free will as it relates to love and to justice. In this last part, I will address free will and reason. THE ABILITY TO REASON Do you have the ability to reason?Continue reading “On Free Will, Part 3: Reason”