Can We Use Reason to Understand God?

Many times in conversations with Christians, I have heard the claim that God cannot be understood using reason. Some Christians will bring up the doctrine of the Trinity as an objection to using reason to understand God, seemingly admitting that the doctrine is not rational. The reason usually given is that God is beyond reasonContinue reading “Can We Use Reason to Understand God?”

A Historical Analysis of the Doctrine of the Trinity

So far, I have given four analyses of the doctrine of the Trinity—logical, philosophical, theological, and biblical. I will now give a historical analysis of this doctrine which has for so long been the central understanding of God’s nature in mainstream Christianity and in the more dominant churches. In this post, I wish to presentContinue reading “A Historical Analysis of the Doctrine of the Trinity”

The Ontological Argument

To the title, one might add, “for the existence of God.” And this is exactly the type of ontology this argument deals with. (Ontology is the study of existence or being.) This particular argument is by far one of the most complicated arguments ever proposed. However, I will try to present it as simply asContinue reading “The Ontological Argument”